Server Rules

Rules for Infection Server

• You don’t bump other (survivor) players

• You don’t insult other players

• You don’t try to kick a player without good reason

• Respect the admins. Their word is the law on the Server

• You don’t spam the Chat

• You don’t use CAPSLOCK in several sentences

• Use spectator mode, if you are afk or leave the server

• You don’t repeat the same votes for kick or map skip more than once

• You dont spam your pings

• You don’t use Ghosting, Cheating or other programs to get a advantage other players do not have

• You don’t use unfair skins (like shining, transparent skin, MineCraft skin)

• You don’t leave / glitch the map. Spots where infecteds can’t go are not allowed

• You don’t go into spectator mode, if you are 1st or 2nd infected

• You don’t press backspace / go into infecteds if you wanna steal the rocket from first infected


These rules can be changed anytime without any announcement and admins are always right.